No More “C” Word

Back in the beginning of the year when I posted the above picture,I had no idea of what was on the way. COVID-19 has changed the face of everyday life. I don’t see things being much different after the virus leaves. People will be accustomed to social distancing. It will be natural. I can see most intimate relationships being replaced by Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Of course, the economy is changing and will be greatly affected. $11 for a dozen eggs? How far can this go? It may change the face of world currency.

The American church will have a different look. Most people are content to stay at home and watch a service on TV or the internet. When the church doors reopen, few will attend because they enjoy not packing up and traveling to a building. It’s become too easy and is not seen as an important issue although it is.

“C” for COVID-19. I’m going to do my best not to mention it again. It’s an everyday occurance and our senses will become numb to it. “C” is for Change. Change that has and is bound to occur. Change can be good, but it can also be bad. I wonder what we’ll choose?

So as it has been addressed by so many writers, use this time to write. There is a world that you can influence for good. There is a world out there that needs your creativity. There is a world out there that you can ease their stress and pain through the written word – if only for a moment. Just do it!

Oh, but please keep your personal relationships intact. Don’t write to them. Don’t text them. Phone them. Speak to them. Spend time building the things that really matter. No more COVID-19. Bring on positive change for all who call themselves human.

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