The Perfect Setup

Weather Report – Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful. Finally, we get a break in the weather in Central PA. Great temps in the 70s, a mild breeze and clear, blue skies with sunshine everywhere. This is perfect for me. Sunshine? Think about the quote below.

Now, on to business. For writing, what is your ideal setup? Well, we all know (at least we’re told) we need a comfortable place with good lighting, etc., but how do you personalize that? Sometimes you have to make the best of an imperfect situation.

Because of circumstances beyond my control, I’m writing this in cramped quarters – anything but ideal. I’m working off of a small corner desk, maybe four feet long and two feet wide. My laptop is out of commission at the moment. Hopefully, I will have it fixed soon. Anyway, I have spread across this tiny desk a desktop computer (and believe me it takes up space on the entire desktop). Of course, that desktop needs to be shared with a full-size printer. Wires and cords are everywhere!

Maybe I have a laptop after all. Since there’s no room on the desk, I have to balance the keyboard on my lap. It just doesn’t cut it. Every time I hit a key, it shifts. Words per minute? Probably about ten!

So what would be the perfect setup for me? I dream of an L-shaped desk. Maybe even a U-shaped desk where I’m surrounded with usable surfaces. A place where the lighting is dispersed evenly over the entire workspace, without shadows here and there.

Let’s get rid of the cords. Give me a desk where the cords can safely be tucked behind the desk, out of the way and out of sight. Give me a laptop that actually works. Towers aren’t my thing.

Okay, so my setup isn’t exactly perfect, but it works. That’s all I need. So tell me, what’s your ideal setup? That’ all for now. I’m going to go enjoy some sunshine. See you next week.



It Seems Everyone is Offering Deals

First, the weather report – With the world in mass disarray, even the weather is confused. It is unseasonably cold in PA today. Overcast with frost warnings through tomorrow. This is May, not November. Oh, well.

This is a good day to write. I’m contemplating Black’s next move. You can read the rough draft so far by going to There is still much to take place before the story ends, so get caught up now.

It seems everyone is offering deals of one sort or another. I guess maybe it’s Memorial Day – maybe. Any way, here’s mine. Go to the Books and Resource page and pick out any three books. Total cost with free shipping – $15.00. That’s the price you’d pay for one copy of The Voice, my friend!

But here’s the trick. The Books and Resources page can’t be set up for that kind of special, so that means some extra work for you. To earn your special deal, you’ll have to send me your request to I’ll get your books in the mail along with your discounted bill. You don’t even have to pay for them first. That’s my deal, Memorial Day or not.

By the way, Hang in there. Spring will be coming soon – I think!

Until next week,