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The Marisol Deception

An apocalyptic thriller based on the book of Revelation – Marisol, the physical presence of satan, has invaded and taken up residence in the underground city beneath Area 51. Appearing as a representative of peace, her purpose is to rule the world. There is more than one obstacle in her way as Kinsley Oliver discovers the plan and tries to intervene. But the powers of darkness are too strong – or are they? Be sure to get your copy today.


Cadeyrn’s Tale

Cadeyrn learned his lessons well from the sheepcotes to the castle. One lesson he learned at the sheepcote was quickly laid aside at the castle. The lesson he failed to embrace was costly. His only question – was it too late to reclaim it?


Pinpoint Analysis

Marine biologist Les Griffin’s precious marine life has been contaminated by radiation off the coast of Miami, Florida, and he has been contracted by the United States Navy to find the cause. The Navy isn’t appreciative of Les’s work, but then neither is Abaddon, who rules the underworld from beneath the Bermuda Triangle. The cost of his investigation – radiation poisoning, his daughter, and his own soul hangs in the balance. What will happen as Les approaches the unknown in the underworld? This suspense-filled book will have you turning pages to find the answer.


The Voice

“Call 911! Call 911!” She yelled to the driver. Blood flowing from Peter’s multiple wounds tinged the puddles a diluted red as the rain continued to fall. His faded, pale face told the story. Confusion. Pain. Trauma – Coming death. Peter McClanahan’s journey is just beginning and where it will end, not even The Voice knows. Can you count the twists?


Storming Heaven’s Gates

Often when people think of revival, they think of a silver-tongued preacher stopping by the church for a week of meetings. They may think of experiencing the presence of God as some kind of a fuzzy feeling, or maybe something that cannot even be obtained. The truth is revival is the living Spirit of God living in and through you. The truth is the presence of God is the living Spirit of God living in and through you. Both are quite obtainable. Both are a choice – your choice. There are no shortcuts. There are no easy ways to the face of God. As a matter of fact, the road is long, hard, treacherous, and leads to the cross – your cross.


The Measure of Faith

In 2001 William F. Kovacic founded Lifegate Baptist Church in Bellefonte, PA, and in 2010 he pioneered The Great American Fast. It is from The Great American Fast that these powerful essays and devotionals are shared with the prayer that you will be encouraged to seek God in a deeper, more meaningful way. Begin your path to revival today!


Jacob’s Ladder

The fabric of Jake Crandall’s life was being stretched – and stretching well – until it ripped. To escape the pain and trials of life, Jake leaves civilization and makes his home in the Colorado wilderness carrying his secrets with him. While preparing for the winter ahead, Jake is trapped in an unexpected snowstorm and awakes in the shelter of a cave. But how did he get there? The answers run deep and would remain buried with the snow if it were not for a gentle stranger that comes to Jake’s aid. Together they face his past as layer after layer is peeled away from Jake’s soul. There is healing, but is Jake willing to pay the cost? The answer lies within a cave far up in the Colorado Rockies – blanketed in time.


Stage (f)Right

Ritchie Jean Baker’s journey from small-town obscurity to worldwide fame as a rock guitarist has left him, empty, aching, and without hope. As he heads deeper into the darkness of the music industry, he leaves behind a string of broken relationships including his relationship with himself. Still, he must pay the price to stay on top. What is that price? His soul. As he becomes entangled in the web of the occult, he realizes the choices he has made have consequences. Given the opening in his life, the forces of evil take him down a one-way road to destruction. While he flounders, a small group of faithful Christians enters the battle on his behalf–but is it too late? The story of Ritchie Jean Baker is played out 1,000 a day. Could you be next?


Soulwatch: An Active Faith

Soulwatch is an excellent aid for sharing your faith on a one-on-one basis or can be used in a classroom setting to prepare the students to share their faith. The Great Commission has too often become the great omission. Soulwatch – An Active Faith puts the Co back in your mission. Be a part of sharing what you believe in your heart.


Dear Ellie

Ellie sat at the dining room table staring out through the French doors as a gentle, September breeze filled the room. Autumn’s golden garb was just beginning to clothe the mountains in the distance. She wondered how life ever got so complicated. Her gaze shifted to the note in her left hand. It read in part – “Dear Ellie, . . . I never meant for this to happen. I don’t how it all went wrong. I know I’ve caused you so much pain, and I can never make it right. Life has gotten to be too hard too fast. I’m leaving, and I won’t be back.” Scott Branson is on a path to self-destruction, and Ellie will pay the price.



SANDY HILL, MAINE, 1863 – The wind whipped the waves into a frenzy. One after another they crashed against the rocks and receded only to pound the beach again. Over the deafening roar of the storm, no one heard the cries. No one noticed the faint orange light that glowed up and out from the base of the lighthouse. Another winter storm, like so many others, but . . . .Fast Forward: SANDY HILL, MAINE, 2013 – Thomas Winch stood before the Monument; an old worn stone, rubbed smooth by wind, sand, and time. The writing was barely visible. It read, In memory of Thomas C. Winch who fell to his death from this lighthouse while serving his community and sea as keeper of the light, December 21, 1863. The centuries-old lighthouse holds the secret of the ages, and Tom Winch must solve the mystery before it destroys him. You won’t believe the twist!



What a Character! – Character Development

This course focuses on developing living, breathing characters that will draw in your readers. It consists of eight email lessons with direct feedback from your very own writing coach – William F. Kovacic.



Scenic Scenes – Scene development

This course focuses on developing scenes that live. Description is the focus of this class. It consists of eight email lessons with direct feedback from your very own writing coach – William F. Kovacic.



Writing More, Wasting Less – Time Management

This course focuses on learning to keep focused and develop a definite writing plan that works, eliminating distractions and wasted time. It consists of eight email lessons with direct feedback from your very own writing coach – William F. Kovacic.


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