Where Are We Going?

There’s no self pity here, just the facts. I’ve been taken over by pneumonia for the past six weeks or so. That being said, my writing has been somewhat limited.

This post has nothing to do with writing. I’m just asking the question (and only you can answer), where are you going? What have you accomplished that will last after your time on earth is up? Where will you be after your time on earth is up?

In short, I’m going back to the three main questions we all need to answer. First, where have I come from? Second, Why am I here? Third, where am I going? There is something in the human psyche that demands answers.

So I ask again, where have you come from? Why are you here? Where are you going? I’m just asking the questions. Feel free to discuss it in the comments, or email me. I’d love to talk more about it.

Short and sweet – see you next week.


6 thoughts on “Where Are We Going?

  1. Bill
    A very poignant question. Twenty years ago I could give you a clear and emphatic answer.
    Today I can still give an answer, but I’m not so sure it’s so definite!
    Back then I knew how it was going to happen, now I can say “I have no idea how, but I’m getting there”

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  2. First, I hope there has been improvement in your condition after 6 weeks. I’ve been praying for you and your wife.

    I left a lengthy reply but was told to log in but had to get a new PW, BLAH BLAH.

    Talk about loaded questions…hmm.
    Well, I just came from my office to the kitchen to have dinner. I’m going to answer your questions, then I’m going to read a book. I dont suppose those are the types of answers you meant:)

    I’ve come from a life of being lost. I searched for who the true God was when I was 22. I found out it was Jesus and gave my life to Him.

    Life was not easy though. I come from a life of an abusive marriage, divorce, a lifelong battle with mental health, and traumatic memories which came in 2001 and shattered my life. Today I’ve been healed of all that trauma. God sends people in my path who need hope and I give it to them whether through my writing, offering what I’ve learned, words of encouragement or resources. I seek God every day to grow in righteousness, a slow process because I’m dense and willful.

    I dont know what I’ll leave behind when life is over. It is my hope that people come to Christ because I told them about Jesus or sowed a seed and their eternity is settled and I’ll see them again.

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    • I don’t think life is ever easy for anyone. What’s important is to know where to run and to whom we run/ You got all together. Even in the midst of difficulty, you’re further along than most people. Thanks for the prayers.


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