Closing Out

It’s a cold, damp, rainy Wednesday in Central PA. As I mentioned last week, I’ll be closing this website on March 8. Time is running out, so I’m not having a clearance sale, but a clearance give-away. I just have way too much stock and need to get rid of it, so help me out. Go to the Bools and Resources page and pick out any three books. Send me an email with your picks and shipping address to, and they are yours – free. Don’t order through the website as that will charge you for the books. Just send an email.

In the meantime, let me give you a tease with my three favorite stories.

Marine biologist Les Griffin’s precious marine life has been contaminated by radiation off the coast of Miami, Florida, and he has been contracted by the United States Navy to find the cause. The Navy isn’t appreciative of Les’s work, but then neither is Abaddon, who rules the underworld from beneath the Bermuda Triangle. The cost of his investigation – radiation poisoning, his daughter, and his own soul hangs in the balance. What will happen as Les approaches the unknown in the underworld? This suspense-filled book will have you turning pages to find the answer.

Ellie sat at the dining room table staring out through the French doors as a gentle, September breeze filled the room. Autumn’s golden garb was just beginning to clothe the mountains in the distance. She wondered how life ever got so complicated.

Her gaze shifted to the note in her left hand. It read in part – “Dear Ellie, . . . I never meant for this to happen. I don’t know how it all went wrong. I know I’ve caused you so much pain, and I can never make it right. Life has gotten to be too hard too fast. I’m leaving, and I won’t be back.” Scott Branson is on a path to self-destruction, and Ellie will pay the price.

“Call 911! Call 911!” She yelled to the driver. Blood flowing from Peter’s multiple wounds tinged the puddles a diluted red as the rain continued to fall. His faded, pale face told the story. Confusion. Pain. Trauma – Coming death. Peter McClanahan’s journey is just beginning and where it will end, not even The Voice knows. Can you count the twists?

Of course, there are many more to pick from so knock yourself out. Just go to the Books and Resources page. Until next week . . .



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