Just Curious

Weather Report: Pennsylvania should find its Indian Summer in about two weeks. Until then, it’s autumn all the way. I was out for an early walk this morning. The stars were gorgeous, the air so fresh. The temperature, a brisk 45 degrees. I love this time of year. Enjoy today with me!

Okay, so I’m curious. What motivates you? I’m not talking about just writing. I mean, what motivates you in life? What is it that gets you up in the morning – maybe to take an early walk underneath the stars?

It could be writing. But it could also be several other things. Look at it this way. Symptoms tell us we have a disease, or at least, that something is wrong. The symptoms are not the disease, but they result from a disease. Or to simplify it, the fruit is not the root.

What I’m asking is why do you write? Where does the fruit of writing come from? Writing is a symptom, but the root goes much deeper. We all have unique experiences. We travel life’s path on different roads. Yet for many of us, the path leads to writing.

So I’m curious about your road. Where did it all begin, and what stops have you made along the way? What detours have you taken? What moves you on? I think these are questions worth considering because no one just sits down and writes. Consciously or subconsciously, our writing comes from the path we have taken. It comes from the root of our lives. It’s a symptom of something much deeper. Look at yourself. Where have you been and where are you going? In one way or another, you’ll see it in your writing.

Enough for now. I’ll see you next week. Same time – same channel.


6 thoughts on “Just Curious

  1. Why do I write? The need to be heard, and the desire to leave some sort of legacy. What motivates me? Damned if I know. I’ve always had to be doing something of “value.” I think my dad’s work ethic had much to do with that…but there is an inner drive, perhaps the need to be recognized as a hard worker, someone who accomplishes things…sheez, where is Freud when you need him, huh?

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