Busy! Busy! Busy?

Unfortunately, I have nothing new to report except that I have nothing new to report. Each year in September, our church hosts The Great American Fast, and this year is no exception. It is a major undertaking, and there is so much involved behind the scenes. So I’m busy, busy, busy. So I need to hurry.

But before I leave you for another week, let me ask you, are you busy? Or are you just busy? I mean, in your busyness, are you accomplishing your goals, or are you just wasting time, filling it with action but not really going anywhere? It happens. So investigate what’s going on in your life and make every moment count.

Okay – gotta get going. Have a busy and productive week. See you next week. Maybe things will have slowed down.


5 thoughts on “Busy! Busy! Busy?

  1. Thought-provoking post!

    I’ve been working on my memoir. I have finished adding everything to it. Now I need to edit the entire thing.

    Do you know the size of pages and fonts typically used for a memoir?

    BTW, no news is good news.

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