Finally Finished

Typical Pennsylvania winter weather – cold, sleet and/or snow; cloudy, threats of storms in the air. All told, it has been a rather mild winter, not like the ones I remember from years ago. It’s a good day to write.

The Marisol Deception is finally finished. For sure, this project was the longest I ever worked on. I started it in November of 2019 and it is now available through the typical outlets, but . . .

If you go to the Books and Resources page here, I’ll throw in free shipping on anything you order. Go for it!

So let’s get to what’s involved with finally finishing. This is my process. I’d love to hear yours. You can lay it out in the comments section below.

I do all my rough drafts on You can read them there. HP used to be a great community, a lot of nice, supportive people. The nice, supportive people remain (at least some of them), but HP has really dropped the ball. My chief complaint is even though I can still read others’ articles, the comment process has gotten to be too complicated and too time-consuming. Even though I still enjoy reading the articles, the social contact has dwindled for me. My primary purpose for posting on HubPages is to have an online backup. Enough said about that.

Contrary to what is usually recommended, I do a lot of editing as I go. I use two editors, ProWritingAid and Grammarly. I write a chapter on one, make the necessary corrections, then paste it into HP. Once there, I can use Grammarly as a double-check. I make whatever corrections needed, then paste it into a template to begin the final draft. Problem – the editors don’t catch everything, so . . .

Once the story is complete. I go back and reread from beginning to end, adding some here, taking some out there. I check for clarity, missing words, punctuation, organization, and whatever else needs fixed. Once I’m satisfied with the manuscript, I submit it and wait for my proof.

Here is where it gets really interesting. I’ve run it through two editors, reread it and made changes at least one more time before I do the final draft, then when I get the proof back, I go through it with a fine-tooth comb. When it’s in book form, the mistakes really show. I can’t believe there is still so much to correct. One more read, and hopefully, it’s ready to go.

When I’m finally satisfied with the project, it’s off to the printer, and ends up in somebody’s hands. I hope they’re happy with it. This process may not work for everybody, but it works for me. Now, I start the same thing over again with Black. I can already tell this will take me some time to finish. I have it scheduled for September. We’ll see how close I get.

Okay, so that’s it for another Wednesday. See you next week.


4 thoughts on “Finally Finished

    • Grammarly is good. I use it for a second check. It catches some things that ProWritingAid doesn’t, but PWA catches some things Grammarly doesn’t. There is a free version that I think is helpful. There is also a paid version (I think it’s $79/year) that really breaks things down. I’d recommend it (at least the free version) for any serious writer, and that’s not a paid endorsement. I just think it’s great! Enough said – thanks for stopping by, Lori,


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