My Unplanned Vacation

Have you noticed? You didn´t get an update last Wednesday. Computers are wonderful – when they work. They´re terrible – when they don´t. Well, my computer isn´t working. I have to borrow one to get today´s update out. So, thank you, thank you, thank you to the one who loaned it to me.

Although I appreciate the use of the computer, it´s different than what
I´m used to, so I´m on an unplanned vacation. It´s been really hard to figure out stuff. You may have noticed no pictures week. That´s easy. I
don´t know how to add them. Somehow, things don´t seem right without a picture, Oh, well!

To you who follow me on HubPages, it´s going to be a while. If I haven´t commented on one of your articles – well, now you know why. I´ll get back to you just as soon as I´m able. To my students who have not finished their courses, I´ll add the time to your commitment when I get back up and running.

Even typing is confusing to me. The keyboard is much smaller than what I was working on. Every time I hit a t, I hit a y. Every time I hit a c, I hit v.

This being the case, l´ll be short this week. Better days are ahead, so keep plugging away on whatever you have. See you next week! – hopefully.


4 thoughts on “My Unplanned Vacation

  1. William
    I know exactly how you feel! Getting used to a device takes a lot of time.
    I save alotof my stuff in the cloud and use three devices for the basics (phone, tablet and laptop) but I’ve so much loaded on them I’m worried at what I’d lose if one ‘crashed’ and my laptop isn’t a new model!

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