Backstage – II

Welcome to Wednesday’s Update, August 26, 2020. Where has the year gone? Hopefully, The Marisol Deception should be finished by late September. I hope I can stay true to that. Things have been so busy. I realize some of you experience the same situation, but keep going – a little each day.

Okay, let’s head backstage with Pinpoint Analysis.

I published Pinpoint Analysis in May 2019. To date, it’s been one of my best-selling fiction books. And if I may say so, it’s my favorite, too. The setting takes place in Miami, Florida, with the major action happening off the coast in the Bermuda Triangle. We know the Triangle is known for strange, unexplainable happenings and seemed to make a suitable backdrop for another thriller.

I’ve forever been a panster, so the tale unfolded day by day as I wrote. I never knew what would happen next, and I tried to keep it that way for my reader. A story of faithful love willing to pay the ultimate price pitted against the master of hell was the result. A little sci-fi, including time travel, popped on to the pages. Scientific research by the protagonist, Les Griffin, added to it. I threw in family dynamics and a few twists and turns.

I enjoyed doing my own research for the project. Usually, that’s the part that weighs me down, but I learned much about the waters of the Atlantic, the theories on the many missing planes above the Triangle, and the workings of the naval base off the Bermuda coast.

I wanted to create a story that would get people thinking about the more serious questions in life, or in this case, the afterlife. We don’t hear much about hell these days, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And there are real consequences to pay.

If you’re interested, you can get the book by going to the Books and Resources page where shipping is always free. Or you can order through Just a little of the backstage business today, and we’ll see you next week!


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