The Sounds of Silence

Have you ever noticed, some things are better left unsaid. Our words can have a healing effect or a damning effect. We read about it in the book of James, chapter three. At times, we would do well to listen more and speak less.

But how do you write? Often. we just spew words onto the paper, not considering the result. We have a story to tell, so we tell it using any choice of words we determine. We both know that’s not creative writing. When we write creatively every word matters. The way we frame our words becomes the reason for writing.

That’s where silence comes in. Stop spewing and relax. Take a deep breath and listen. Turn off the phone. Shut off the TV and stereo. Just listen. Listen to the sounds of silence. Let your mind shift gears for a few minutes. Allow your thoughts to take you where they take you.

Be silent and observe. Observe people. Observe situations. Observe relationships. There is so much to learn in life – to learn about life. Be still and take it all in. Notice the hummingbird by the window or the morning dove cooing from its nest. Pay attention to the azure blue sky and white puffs of clouds as they drift by. Listen carefully to the sound of a sleepy stream as it trickles down its mountain path.

We writers are passionate about we do. We are so passionate that there are times we must slow down and dwell in silence, if only for a moment. Learning to write isn’t always about the newest webinars or the latest courses. Sometimes it’s just about being quiet and listening – to the sounds of silence.

See you next week.


8 thoughts on “The Sounds of Silence

  1. I’m a seventy-one year old introvert. You better believe I know all about silence and observing. 🙂 And who would have guessed, while growing up, that my silence and observation would help me with writing?

    Great points made here, my friend.

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