Are You a Busy Beaver or an Eager Beaver?

Welcome to my world. Every minute of every hour is booked today. I’m already wondering how I’ll get it all done. The truth is, it won’t all be done. Busyness is good unless it becomes overly busy, and I’m hitting the threshold.

Busyness calls for prioritizing. First things first. Second things second. Your priorities differ from mine, so we each need to devise an individual plan that works for us. The point is to make a plan – then do it. Sometimes when we get overwhelmed as writers, we just do nothing. I hope that’s not the case with you. Sometimes we can become eager beavers, wanting to accomplish rather than being busy beavers and actually doing.

Let’s face it. To do nothing can lead to discouragement and a feeling of defeat. No matter how hard it may be, if we do what we know to do, we will feel better.

Have you heard the saying, “Likes beget likes.” Two cats won’t produce a dog, but they will create something like themselves – another cat. Guess what! Left to itself, procrastination begets more procrastination. It takes an intentional effort on our part to break the cycle.

But know also, activity begets activity. Once you get the ball rolling, it’s much easier to keep it rolling. So on this Wednesday, get your ball rolling. Be a busy beaver but not an exhausted beaver. Have an incredible week and I’ll see you next Wednesday.


7 thoughts on “Are You a Busy Beaver or an Eager Beaver?

  1. Well, I surely have been busy these last 6 months, but I was just talking to a friend last night about how I am a terrible procrastinator. I only do what interests are most important to me in any given moment, or I wait until last moment. It’s a terrible habit.

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  2. I have noticed this same scenario! When I fail to move forward in getting things accomplished, nothing gets done. But when I make a serious effort to start “doing”, then it motivates me to keep moving along. 😃

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