A Taste of Freedom

After several months of lockdown (hmm! Isn’t that a term used in prisons to confine the prisoners?), we’re finally free to be out and about in PA. It’s a good feeling. Four walls get a little boring after a while. I hope you all are safe and healthy and continue to prosper.

The past few months have been hard for most of us, and my heart goes out to those who have suffered during this time. Some are left with deep battle scars. Some are left without a loved one. Still, God is good, and whether we realize it, He is still in control. He did not cause the virus. He is not to blame, but He is in control.

America was founded on the premise that all humankind is created equal and is entitled to enjoy the right of freedom. At the risk of sounding political, our rights slowly have been stolen away from us while we slept. That’s right – while we slept. We have given them away. At least in my mind, there’s no question our rights have been trampled by overzealous government, especially at the state level.

But is that the real problem? Maybe the real problem is we allowed ourselves to be trampled. Yes, there was and possibly is a real threat, but I believe it could be handled without taking the rights of the citizens. I may have a small platform, but I want to make a difference. We simply can not allow big government to rule us. We are still (or should be) a government by the people for the people. Be careful. I sense more trouble on the way. Oh well, it is what it is. Enough complaining for today.

Let’s get down to business. As writers, no doubt we have watched webinars on writing, taken courses on writing, collected a variety of notes, and we do our best with the gift we have been given. That’s all very good, but sometimes I find it confusing. So many different ideas. So many ways to do the same thing.

That being said, it’s all very good. We can learn much from the above. But I’ve been thinking (watch out!), what if we turned this site into an online writer’s club, a place where we could safely share and critique each other’s writing. A place where we can share ideas and develop our writing style. A place where encouragement abounds, but a place where love abounds. If we are to improve, sometimes love must be tough. We need to hear not just the good, but the bad and the ugly to truly develop. I believe writers know good writing when we see it, and I believe we know bad writing when we see it. Could it be that other writers know more than YouTube?

Anyway, just a thought. It may or may not be something to consider. I need your input so let me know what you think in the comments below. Until next Wednesday . . .


4 thoughts on “A Taste of Freedom

  1. William
    A very good article, sorry for not getting here sooner, but we’re fully into the organized chaos of economic recovery and trying to save what we have.
    I hear you regarding the site, I belong to a couple of Facebook groups that do just that, advice and help for writers marketing their work and they’re really helpful.

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  2. I think you have a good idea about sharing our story’s and using ideas that others make. I am always willing to learn.
    I must admit that I am confused about the state of our country. Black lives do matter, and yet the looting takes away the message. When are we ever going to get back to normal? And I agree, slowly we are losing our rights. When did we let this happen?
    Have a great week!

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    • “When did we let this happen?” That”s a good question, but the answer is much longer than I have room for here. I do have a book, The Death of America: Prophecy of Doom, if you’re interested. You can see it on the Books and Resource page. here. It deals with this very question. Hint: It began in the 60s.


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