My Worst Enemy

On this Monday morning, early in this new decade, I’ve been thinking about what holds me back – not just in writing although that’s certainly included, but in life in its entirety. Coming in at Number One is a lack of time. But wait a minute! We all have 24 hours each day to deal with, right? So the problem must not be time. It must be me. How do I spend the time that’s been graciously given to me?

I guess it comes down to organization. Is my time organized? As I always do, in the beginning of each year, I bought myself an organizer where I can track my work, set my goals, and it even has a section where I can write in rewards for myself once the tasks are completed.

That’s all fine, but there is one problem. I don’t have time to keep it up. Also as I do every year, I end up trashing the organizer because it’s never up to date. My intentioins are good, but my commitment, not so much. I suppose it goes against every rule. I suppose it makes even less sense, but I really do accomplish more without a plan.

Another thing about time – I’ve reached the point in my life when I can look back and realize I’ve spent 75% of my life. If my lfe were divided into seasons, I would definintely be in winter. More days are behind me than are ahead for me.

So the next question is, am I satisfied with the spring, summer, and fall of my life? It doesn’t really matter. The question that is important is, whay will I do with my winter?

Maybe the better question is what are you doing with your season of life? What is your worst enemy? Perhaps it is also time. Maybe haunting memories of a failed past? Could it be fear? A fear so strong it actually stops you from moving forward. Is laziness your enemy? It could likely be something else, but deep inside you know what it is. It’s time to bring it to the surface and deal with it. Add that to your Day-timer.

Well, I’ll leave it there for this week, and see you in seven. Have a great one!!!


5 thoughts on “My Worst Enemy

  1. Great questions. When I look back on my adult life I can see probably hundreds of thousands wasted hours watching television (I don’t do television now but did in my young life), social media, reading romance novels (again, in my early adulthood), gabbing or texting on the phone, doing inconsequential things knowing I had important things to do. I could easily have been the mother of invention for procrastination. That is my worst defect. I suppose it reveals insecurity and feeling overwhelmed.

    You mentioned organization. Not sure what that is because I can’t seem to do it.

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  2. I don’t set goals anymore, I used to and I never achieved them. I just live one-day-at-a-time and do the things I like, playing spider solitaire. There was a time when I kept so busy I didn’t have time for fun. Of course I’m thrilled when my muse wakes up and we write. Thank you for showcasing my Cobblestone piece, and thank you for being my Hubber friend.

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