Hazy Shades

On October 22, 1966, Simon and Garfunkel released the song, A Hazy Shade of Winter. It was first released as a single and later added to the duo’s fourth studio album, Bookends. The song lamented the passage of time. Paul Simon writes,

Time, time time, see what’s become of me
While I looked around for my possibilities

I was so hard to please

There can be no doubt, time moves on turning minutes into hours and hours into untold years, never minding what we say or do. You can mourn the loss of time, or you can capitalize on the present. I vote for the latter.

We’ve each been given a certain amount of days to accomplish all that we were created to accomplish. The new year is upon us. Rather than dwell on the failures of the past (and we all have them), focus on what’s ahead. What lies before you in the coming year? You may not know, but take one step at a time and fulfill your calling.

The wisest of wise men, King Solomon wrote, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven , , ,” Everything in living has its time and place. Organize it and make it all count. You have only one shot at this thing called Life. Do it right in the coming year.

Don’t come to the end (and no one knows when that will be) with the attitude,

Time where have you gone to?
You left me far behind
And though it seems I’ve missed you,
You never crossed my mind.

That’s it for this week. Again with the holiday looming over us, I didn’t add an excerpt or question for this week. We’ll get back to it next week. Have a happy and healthy 2020, and I’ll see you next Monday.


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