Finally – Cadeyrn’s Tale is Published! – And Adverbs

Well, Cadeyrn’s Tale is finally complete. For a shorter book, it seemed as if it would never be finished. You can get it here on the website or from Amazon. Of course, by ordering it here, you get free shipping.

That being said, Central PA is once again coated with white. The storm that hit the nation left us pretty much alone, but there is a sprinkling of snow over the countryside – very pretty!

Now, for something practical. Let’s talk about those nasty adverbs that we tend to overuse. We certainly want our writing to be descriptive. We want it to be expressive. Adverbs are most often used to strengthen or prop up weak verbs. If we choose to use strong, descriptive verbs, the need for adverbs will be lessened.

All things considered, there will be times when an adverb will be your best choice of words. But adverbs can cause us to be lazy writers. To be honest, I’m an adverb abuser, but we live and learn.

Take the above sentence from the third paragraph, We certainly want our writing to be descriptive. The adverb certainly adds strength to the sentence. It emphasizes our desire for good writing. But could the sentence be stronger if we used a little thought and creativity? What if we chose a stronger word for the verb want? What if we eliminated the adverb and replaced the weak verb with the word crave? We crave for our writing to be descriptive. Is there a difference?

Take the next sentence – We want it to be expressive. We have removed the the adverb, but a weak verb (want) still exists. We don’t care to repeat the verb crave, especially in back-to-back sentences. Maybe we could substitute desire or long for. We desire it to be expressive. We long for it to be expressive.

Okay. So I think you get the idea, and that’s my two cents for another Monday. See you next week!


4 thoughts on “Finally – Cadeyrn’s Tale is Published! – And Adverbs

  1. First of all congratulations Bill over finishing Cadeyrn’s Tale. Very impressive story though. You are a versatile writer, I adore this trait of yours.
    Secondly, this is so cold down here in London too. But not snowing. I love snow, you are so lucky to get it early in the year.
    Thirdly, very pleasant description of using adverbs. They make a sentence strong. True that is. But I personally, hate overuse of such words. I try to prevent using them. However, you can’t help it at times. You have given some good examples of sentences, they look even better without adverbs.
    Thanks, for all of your support, Bill.
    See you next Monday, my friend.

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  2. First of all, congratulations on Caydern’s publishing. I love the genre and I admire how well you do in trying different types. It reminds me of Manchan’s Tale.
    I had to laugh at your commentary on adverbs. Immediately a quote from Stephen King came to mind: “The road to hell is paved with adverbs.”
    I’m glad you’re enjoying the snow. I’m not a snow person. We have had a very strange fall and it’s still going strong. Endless days of sunshine. It’s really cold, but we’ve only had 1.7 inches in November, the average is 6.57, the lowest since 1976. Washington is one of the rainiest states and November is almost always nasty. Word has it though that we will have heavy snowfall later this winter. Boo hiss.
    Stay warm Bill.


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