Moving Ahead

Cover photo from Cadeyrn’s Tale

Is it really Monday already? Yep, I guess it is! The next few months will be filled with busyness as the holidays approach. I love this time of year. The fall colors and gentle breezes speak of the storms of winter on the horizon. That’s okay. Spring follows.

Be sure to check out the excerpt and this week’s question and leave some comments. I always like hearing from you.

The rough draft of Cadeyrn’s Tale is finished. Now, the real work begins. Hopefully, it will be completed and available for your bookshelf by the end of November.

It was fun to write. It’s set in 5th-century Ireland – a time period I love. During my research for the story I discovered that there is some evidence that leprechauns and fairies really existed. There are supposedly forests and fields where the wee folk rule even today. Do I really believe that? No. But then again, nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

Something else that I discovered, and I do believe this to be fact. Snakes have never inhabited Ireland. The legend says that St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland, but apparently there were never any snakes to be driven out. I wish the forests of Pennsylvania were more like that. I love to hike the back-country and well . . . I wish St. Patrick was here.

My next project is entitled, The Marisol Deception. It’s in infant form at this stage, but you’ll soon be able to catch the rough draft on HubPages. I’ll let you know more about both Cadeyrn’s Tale and The Marisol Deception as time goes on.

I am also editing my wife’s newest poetry book, Sweetest Jesus: Volume Two. Hopefully, that will be ready to go soon. She has a lot of new poetry worth reading. No doubt, I will be featuring some on the Excerpt page from time to time.

Next week, we’ll get back to some writing tips for you. Until then – Keep on writing.

4 thoughts on “Moving Ahead

  1. This is so exciting! I’ve been following Cadeyrn’s Tale on Hub Pages and personally think it’s my favorite so far, besides Dear Ellie. I think this one stands out most of all because of the first person point of view.

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