Continuing Education

We live in a world where sometimes education is placed on a pedistal. Education is not the answer to everything, but nevertheless it is true that the more we know about a subject, the better prepared we are to apply that knowledge to our lives.

Writing is one of those areas. As a writer, our education should never end. There is always something new we can learn to help us improve and reach our goals as a wordsmith. You can always pick one of my in-depth writing courses from the resource page, but I want to give you a link to some free, short courses from Reedsy Learning. You can choose from scores of courses (all free) that cover the five main areas of self-publishing – writing, editing, publishing, distribution, and marketing.

The courses are easy to understand and apply. I’ve taken several of them and found them to be useful. Although the courses are very basic, there is much information you can work into your writing and publishing. I don’t get a cent for this endorsement. I just thought you might be interested so I’m passing it on. Just click here, and you’re on your way to a continuing education in the art of word creation.

4 thoughts on “Continuing Education

  1. Well Bill, I will give it a quick whirl. I have built up such an amazing group of writer friends from law to Christian I feel over schooled. Not you of course 🙂 Tomorrow is never too late to learn what I should have 30 years ago.


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